Info on the Bachette Move 2020

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Info on the Bachette Move 2020

Bachette is moving!!

Some very exciting news! We're moving, phsyically and metaphorically, into our next chapter. While we will have a lot more information to share over the next weeks and months, the most important thing to know is...where the heck is my order??

While we complete the move process there is a chance that your order could be delayed by a few days or more, but we don't expect delays of longer than 2 weeks. If we expect your order to be delayed we will contact you immediately to let you know.

To control the potential delays we are splitting the move into two steps:

1) The first move will consist of almost all of our equipment as well as some shirts and hats, and accessories, that we've made an educated guess will not be sold while in-transit. We've based our guess on what is most trendy this time of the year, how much we have available, etc., but it is still a guess and you might just end up wanting to buy something we're moving right now. We will not have the ability to let you know in advance when a particular item is in the process of being moved, but we will definitely alert you right away when you place your order. 

2) After we've re-established in our new location and the day-to-day is working smoothly, we'll complete the rest of the move, which will consist primarily of our shipping center and our remaining inventory. Since we've already worked out the kinks from the first move we don't expect delays from the second to be any longer than a few days while the remaining inventory is in-transit. Once it has arrived to our new location and we've unpacked it we'll be able to start shipping waiting orders pretty darn quick!


We also want to thank you so much for being with us on our fun little journey and we look forward to continuing help make each and every bachelorette party special. 

Once our move has finished we'll be sure to update you all, and in the meantime, if there's anything at all we can help with, just shoot us a message.

- Bachette

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