How To Plan The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Hey ladies! Welcome to Bachette! We’re your one-stop-shop for adorable Bachelorette party shirts and endless Bachelorette party and girls' night inspiration! This week we wanted to bring you the most important knowledge we could bestow on to plan a Bachelorette party that any bride will swoon over!

First off, let’s get the basics down. Who’s going to plan? Who’s invited? What should you do? Who pays for what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Usually the Maid of Honor plans the Bachelorette party, however, this doesn’t have to be the case! Maybe the M.O.H. is stressed beyond belief and you, being the super awesome bridesmaid that you are, decide to step up and save the day! Or maybe all of you lovely bridesmaids want to band together and plan the ultimate farewell to your friend’s single life. Whoever decides to take the reins, here are some tips to make sure it’s a night to remember!

To be sure you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, it’s best to plan 2-6 months in advance. The amount of planning depends upon how detailed and elaborate your party is. For instance, a weekend getaway on a boat would take much more planning than a girl’s night in. No matter how fun the Hollywood stereotype of the crazy Bachelorette party the night before the wedding seems now, you’ll regret it later! To ensure adequate recuperation for the bride and all the lovely ladies that take part in her special day, many plan the Bachelorette party to be held a few weeks before the big day. No one wants a hungover bride!

Another important part of planning is how much involvement your bride has. Some brides may want to have a say in the minute-by-minute details of the party while some may want to be completely surprised—so talk to your bride!

How much time do you have to spend? Some parties last one night, while some can be weekend getaways! Take everyone’s schedules into consideration and be sure to make reservations as far in advance as possible. How are you getting from Point A to Point B? Do you need to provide dinner? Drinks? Are you staying the night or the weekend somewhere? Once you have all of the nitty-gritty details down you’re ready to move on to the fun stuff!

Guest list

Talk to your bride about who she wants at her Bachelorette party. Anyone who can’t make the wedding that she would love to celebrate with her? Double check with her and get that guest list set! Once you’ve got your solid group of leading ladies, turn your attention to the invitations. Make sure to send them out in plenty of time and include a detailed itinerary so they know how much time is involved and can plan accordingly. Be sure to have them RSVP so you can give your venue and yourself a definite headcount.

What to do

When deciding what to do, think of incorporating her likes. Does she love cooking? Host the party at a cooking school and learn how to make new recipes the bride can test out on her soon-to-be groom! Is she a health nut? Take the group to a yoga retreat for the weekend and take her pre-wedding stress away.


No matter what you decide to do, make sure to take into account the budget. Usually the basic costs are covered by the planner, however, more glamorous parties call for more help from others. If you are planning a night out on the Vegas strip, that can cost a pretty penny. Typically, guests will pay for their lodging and travel but can chip in for as much as is needed. Smaller details like party favors, invitations, and decorations are usually left up to the party planner.  


Nautical? Glam? Girly? What theme speaks to you and your bride? This is your time to get creative! Once you’ve brainstormed a kick-ass theme, go wild with it! Incorporate the theme into your attire. (*hint hint, wink wink*, have you seen our adorable tanks?!) Partying on a boat? Then you better Tank Her Before She Drops Her Anchor. Want to turn heads on your Bachelorette bar crawl? You better let everyone know Here Comes Trouble. Work your theme into other elements such as your party favors and games! Are you planning a crazy night on the town? Maybe end the night with a hangover kit with the essentials: gum, a band-aid, Advil, a cute lipstick and maybe throw in a Starbucks gift card to get them through tomorrow!

The big picture

Expect something to deviate from the plan. Life isn’t perfect and your party won’t be either. Don’t sweat the small stuff and be ready to improvise! You want to give your bride a night to remember, so don’t forget to take photos! For a fun twist, hire a professional photographer and have a mini photo shoot for the party! The bride will love looking back at the great party you threw her... think about bundling all those great photos into an album to give to her!

Look at you! Already on your way to planning a fabulous Bachelorette party! We’re here if you need help along the way!

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Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Day at the race track - wear some big-brimmed hats and see who can win the most cash!
  • Craft day - keep it low-key with the best DIY party anyone has ever seen (complete with DIY cocktails!)
  • Spa day - unwind and get dolled up before the big day.
  • Boating - cruise along the water as you get your tan on (don’t forget those mini umbrellas in your drinks!)
  • Pool party - because who doesn’t like the pool.
  • Vegas strip - your classic Bachelorette party. Let’s get wild.
  • Wine tasting - time to keep it classy. Will that be merlot or pinot grigio?
  • Cooking class - what’s better than cooking something yummy? Eating it after.
  • Rent a house - get away for the weekend and bond with your fellow bridesmaids and your lovely bride.
  • Girls Night In - pjs, movies, wine...what more could you ask for?
  • Dinner out - “yes...we will take that champagne”
  • Bar hopping - do you have your bachelorette sash ready?
  • Yoga retreat - the Bachelorette party that’s a for sure Bridezilla cure
  • Pole fitness class - because you’re sexy and you know it.
  • Camping - the level of ruffin’ it can vary depending on your group.
  • Scavenger hunt - it’s not everyday you get a free drink and watch your M.O.H. propose to a stranger.
  • Concert - go see one of your favorite artists perform!


Good luck and til next time babe!

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