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Booze-Free Bachelorette Party Ideas

Posted on August 31 2018

how to throw a booze free bachelorette party!

There seem to be countless suggestions for getting drunk at your bachelorette party. But what if you don’t drink, or just don’t want to have an alcohol-soaked bachelorette party? Suggestions can be few and far between.

Fear not! We’ve put together a list of excellent ideas that don’t involve any alcohol at all.

In an attempt to simplify, we'll put the options into three main categories: The Learning Option, The Action Option, and The Chill Option.

Let’s dive in!

The Learning Option

The Learning Option involves just that: learning something. Maybe it's a new skill, maybe it's something kinda useless but still fun. There are some great options for you in this category!


Floral Design

Portland Floral Design Institute

This seems like a great idea for anyone who's looking to pick up some DIY tips. It's also a great idea for someone who just wants their flower arrangements to last longer. If nobody offers classes locally enough for you, a great company called Skillshare offers online classes.

If you want to take that a step further, the Lyons Farmette, in lovely Lyons, Colorado, offers an edible flowers workshop. (They offer lots of other cool stuff too, like beekeeping workshops, as well as farm dinners.)

Lyons Farmette Edible Flower Workshop

Cooking Classes

It's only a hop, skip, and a jump from edible flowers to, you know, real food (sorry, vegetarians!). The possibilities for learning to cook are just about limitless, but here are a couple that caught our eye.

Farmbelly cooking workshops

You’d just need to say no to the beer option while learning the history of a Santa Maria Style Barbecue and the best way to grill many grass-fed cuts,” at Farmbelly, pictured above. But you'd definitely want to pay attention for the knife skills demo.


Brooklyn Kitchen cooking classes

If you live near Brooklyn, make sure to check out the classes offered at The Brooklyn Kitchen. They offer everything from burgers to donuts. Yum!


Learn To Draw

 Art Class, Minnesota Center for Book Arts

If cooking sounds like too much for you and your maids, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts offers an introductory drawing class with what just might be the best name ever: “Drawing For The Terrified.”


The Action Option


Paintball bachelorette party

We’ve used this image before, and we’ll bring it up again because this just sounds like a bachelorette party we’d definitely go to.  

Soul Cycle

 Soul Cycle bikes


Getting your sweat on is a great stress reliever!Find a SoulCycle studio near you, or, if riding an indoor, stationary bike isn't your thing, then maybe Zumba or a hip-hop dance class (look for those at your local dance studio) might check all your boxes.



Self defense krav maga

Okay, this might not sound like a fun time. But the bride and the maids can learn something incredibly useful, and get to beat up a dummy or two. Sounds like a great stress reliever!

Okay, maybe that last one is too much. Can't we have some kind of happy medium? 



You could volunteer at your local animal shelter! Or clean up a park. You'll do something good and it will make you feel good!



The Chill Option

There's nothing wrong with learning, or Soul Cycling. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with just chilling the heck out.

Picnic in the woods/park/beach

Picnic in the woods

The pictures of this Boho party in the woods are just incredible! This sure would be a picnic to remember. Seems like a lot of setup, though. So if you're looking for a little more chill a picnic at a local park might be a better idea. 

If you need to be surrounded by more than just the sounds of nature, look into outdoor concerts. This can be big, like going to the Ravinia Music Festival outside of Chicago:

Ravinia Music Festival

Less than an hour from Chicago, Ravnina hosts over 140 different musical events throughout the summer, and picnics are encouraged.

If you're on more of a budget, look for free local concerts-in-the-park:

Free Things To Do In Memphis

There's lots of space for your picnic blanket at Memphis's free concerts at Levitt Shell, pictured above.


A Seat at the Chef's Table

Belmond Cape Town


Now, not every restaurant does something like this. But if you can find one that does, sitting at the Chef's Table can be an amazing experience: they provide a behind-the-scenes view of all the culinary action. It's dinner and entertainment rolled into one!




I saved the chillest option for last: yoga. You can make this more active if you want (hot yoga or power yoga are options there), but a nice, calming Hatha or Iyengar yoga class should leave everybody de-stressed. Just try not to fall asleep during corpse pose...

NOLA Tribe Yoga

Or, you could leave the class selection to the experts. NOLA Tribe Yoga, in New Orleans (pictured above) offers Bride Tribe Yoga. You can get your calm on just about anywhere you like - a park, a hotel rooftop, you name it!

 As you can see, your list of alcohol-free party options is kinda endless. I hope this list helps to get you started. Do you have a favorite I didn't mention? Tell us in the comments below!


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