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Disneyland Bachelorette: Two Perfect Days Park Hopping!

Posted on April 12 2019

how I planned my disneyland bachelorette - real party recap with detailed itinerary 

Hey! 👋 I’m Alexa, and thanks for tuning in to hear all about my bachelorette party! I'm young at heart and I live by Walt Disney's quote, "That's the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up." I always wanted to have my bachelorette party in Disneyland!

It really was the ultimate girls weekend/getaway filled with pure Disneyland bliss. Honestly, everything that happened was magical. The weather was beautiful and every piece of each day had magic in it. My sister made photo props of my fiance's face to carry around the parks for photos. It was super fun to have them to put up when it was time for the photos to be taken on rides. We went to a character breakfast, had so many photoshoots, and ate SO much food. We literally ran around the parks for 12 hours a day laughing and having so much fun.

During the second day at the parks, we hit up my favorite place at the Disneyland hotel, Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar! We sat outside and drank tiki drinks for a few hours and then headed back into the parks for the rest of the night. Disney is even more magical when you are a few Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rums deep...


Where: Disneyland, Anaheim, California­
When: 3 days in March
Theme: Disney (duh) and Tiki!
Who: There were 6 of us!   



★ (100% perfect!)

Here’s some fun Disneyland trivia and facts for you! 

(Source: Reader's Digest)

    • Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, and it is the only theme park designed and built to completion under the direct supervision of Walt Disney!
    • The very first opening day at Disneyland, the summer heat melted the freshly poured pavement, which trapped some women who wore high heels.
    • Disneyland has a larger cumulative attendance than any other theme park in the world, with 708 million visitors since it opened (as of December 2017). In 2017, the park had approximately 18.3 million visitors, making it the second most visited amusement park in the world that year, behind only Magic Kingdom.
    • Dozens of feral cats call Disneyland home. For years, staffers have fed these so-called Disneyland Cats as a free pest-control solution. Today, you might spot some at the feeding station near the Hungry Bear Restaurant, but they weren’t always welcome. When Walt Disney stumbled upon the first flea-infested batch of cats inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in 1955, he adopted them out to staff members as quickly as possible.
    • The average cost per guest per day in 1955 was about $2.37: $1 for admission, $0.25 for parking, and the rest for rides and souvenirs. The cost for a similar visit today: $196 (an 83-fold rate hike).
    • The most popular attraction at Disneyland, and in the entire world, is Pirates of the Caribbean!
    • The fastest ride in the park is no roller coaster—it’s Splash Mountain! Passengers reach about 40 mph while plummeting down the ride’s climactic 47-degree plunge into the briar patch. 

disneyland castle and ferris wheel
disneyland firework show


★★★★★ (100% perfect!)

We stayed at the cutest Airbnb and most perfect little condo for a bach in Anaheim. Sadly, it's no longer available to rent!



DAY 1: SATURDAY ► Road Trip!

Outfits: Tiki themed outfits (think big florals and bright colors!) and I wore a cute white dress from Free People and a fun tropical pin in my hair!

I actually live in Arizona, so on the first day, we all met up for the 6-hour road trip to Anaheim. My sister rented us a car for the trip and decorated it to be our “Minnie Van”, which was so cute and sweet. Road trips can be exhausting, but we had an amazing time! We played songs in the car that my girls had played at their weddings and they gave me lots of good advice for my upcoming wedding and marriage! Here's a link to the Bachette Singalong Roadtrip playlist, and the Disney Bachelorette playlist!  

Once we got to Anaheim, we had some time before we could check in to our Airbnb, so we went to this super cute "food court" for lunch called the Anaheim Packing District. It has lots of unique food!

After our lunch, we checked in to our Air B&B which was the cutest and most perfect little condo for the weekend. My sister and friends made me stay upstairs while they decorated the downstairs and it was the most precious thing! I love all things Tiki related, so the first night, we dressed up in tropical dresses and drove to Huntington Beach for dinner at a divey place that my family and I used to always go to during summer trips called Fred's. We sat at the cutest table with a fun chandelier and ate dinner and played "Never Have I Ever". ☺︎

▸ Morning: Drivin’
▸ Afternoon: Lunchin’ at The Anaheim Packing District
▸ Evening: Tiki dinner, Margs and “Never Have I Ever” at Fred’s in Huntington Beach

✔︎ Worth it: Driving! We actually made it really fun and part of the whole experience.
✘ Not worth it: Nothing!

Of course I would get this "Never have I Ever" card because my Fiance and I moved in together after 2 months! 😂

cocktails at freds in huntington beach

DAY 2: SUNDAY ► Brekky and Park Hoppin'

Outfits: I wore a Minnie shirt that said, "He put a ring on it" and the rest of the girls wore black shirts with Mickey. We all had princess ears!

Our first day at Disneyland! We jumped in an Uber and got to the parks right when they opened. I always get a park hopper (highly recommend!), so we were able to go back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure throughout the day. It was such a slow day at the park, and the cast members loved our outfits, so THEY ASKED US if they could go off the beaten path and do some photos together! Of course we obliged. We then had a character breakfast which was delicious! Buffet style and unlimited so we definitely took advantage of that and went back for seconds, thirds and fourths! After that we spent the rest of the day park hopping.

▸ Morning: Photo-shoots and character breakfast!
▸ Afternoon: We literally ran around the parks laughing and having so much fun.
▸ Evening: Cars Land!

✔︎ Worth it: The coordinating shirts and ears!
✘ Not worth it: Nothing. This day was totally perfect.  
Character breakfast at disneyland for the bachelorette!
A bride at disneyland enjoying the view
the bachelorette group gettin their photos with minnie mouse and the fairy godmother at disneyland

DAY 3: MONDAY ► Gettin' Tiki Tiki 

Outfits: Our Bachette tanks and ears

Our second day of Disneyland! It was a much busier day at the park, but we had done so much the first day, we just took it easy and did the things we really wanted to do... which always includes Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar.

▸ Morning: We ate Beignets and walked around New Orleans Square (one of my favorite parts of Disneyland).
▸ Afternoon: We spent time outside at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar. The weather was so nice and we were tired, so it was a nice place to just chill out for a bit.
▸ Evening: More time in the parks

✔︎ Worth it: Tiki drinks and coordinating outfits!
✘ Not worth it: I would order a size down on these tanks. I was worried they would be snug, but they actually run a bit large!
Cinderella bachelorette party at disneyland

Bachelorette party at tiki room in disneyland!


Highly recommend:

  1. Save money ahead of time for a big bachelorette trip! You never know how much you're going to want to spend! You definitely need to laugh and make memories.
  2. I think it’s always worth it to do a park hopper. California Adventure is always less crowded than Disneyland. It’s best to get to Disneyland first thing in the morning and do pictures. Then once the crowd picks up, we head to California adventure and play it by ear. Lamplight Lounge is the perfect place to hang out and get drinks with a pretty view of the pier! Reservations are recommended so I would say make a reservation for the middle of the afternoon.

  3. Disneyland doesn’t sell alcohol, but California Adventure does! At the Fisherman’s Wharf, there are delicious margaritas and beers. Lamplight Lounge has reallllly good drinks as well. My favorite place to go when it gets busy in the parks is Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland hotel. It’s a tiki themed bar and the best place to go when you need a break from the parks. It just may be my favorite place in the world. If you're planning on doing some drankin' at the parks, here's a good Disney bar crawl drinking guide from Disney Tourist blog.

  4. Making some cute hashtags! My girls came up with a list of tags that were the perfect blend of cute and raunchy. Here's our list, feel free to use them and I hope they inspire you to make your own!


Wouldn't recommend: 

  1. Bringing anything prohibited into the parks. There is a long list of things that aren't allowed (including ice, selfie sticks and straws!) and they do update the list from time to time, so it's always good to check. Here's a fun list of 18 things you maybe didn't know were banned from the Disney parks!



My sister and best friend paid for the Airbnb. Everyone else paid for their own tickets to the park and food. I treated them all to the character breakfast!

My sister and best friend were Maid and Matron of Honor, so they made everyone an adorable mermaid party favor bag with their ears, shirts for the trip, and cutout of my fiance to use on the trip!

 $100 pp
Food at the hotel: $50 pp
Decorations: $50 pp
Meals / drinks out: $200 pp
Character Breakfast: $35pp
Party Favors: $100 pp
Park Tickets: $200

Total estimate per person: $700ish?! Man I'm expensive! 😂



We spent 12+ hours a day at the parks, so we kept the decor at the house really minimal. My sister found really cute decorations on Amazon and at Target. They also coordinated really well with the decor at the Airbnb!
bachelorette party decorations


Floral Mickey Ears Enchanted Alexandra on Etsy | $33.99 each
Bibbidi Bobbidi Bride Tank TopsBachette.com | $20.79 each (after bulk discount!)
Husband Head Cut OutsBuildahead.com | $13.99 each
“Bachelorette” BannerAmazon | $4 each
Tissue Tassel GarlandBachette.com | $12.49 each
Welcome bags Amazon | $18.99 for 50 pc


Four hours of some happy throwback tunes mixed with classic Disney songs!


Roadtrippin' to your bach? We've got three hours of fun tunes to sing your heart out to on the road :D


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