Free printable Bachelorette Bar Crawl Bingo game!

Free printable bachelorette party game and bachelorette party game ideas

If you're bar-crawling for the bachelorette, you'll love this fun printable bachelorette party game idea! The bride can wear this around her neck and complete bingo tasks while out at the bar! When she gets a bingo (5 in a row) she yells "I'M THE BRIDE" and the last person in the party to touch her has to finish their drink! It's quite a good time and towards the end things definitely get a little fuzzy! :D


Simply print the pdf HERE, glue to a piece of cardstock, punch holes in the top corners, attach some string (or you could choose beads, a feather boa, get creative!) and then let the bride wear this around her neck! We recommend also attaching a sharpie (TIP: attach the string to the cap!) to she can keep score throughout the evening. 

Happy bacheloretting dearies!

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