Arie and Lauren's Preggo-Friendly Bachelor(ette) in Vegas!

The Bachelor season 22's Lauren Burnham (27) and her new *husband* (OMG! Feels like we've waiting forever to say that!), Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (37) have had QUITE the year! After their sensational engagement back in early March 2018, the couple moved in together to a new home in Arizona, announced that they are expecting their first baby — due this June — and just celebrated their destination wedding on January 12th in Hawaii at Haiku Mill!

We've definitely been living vicariously through their Instagram pages, catching up on all their wedding planning details, ogling their cute pups, drooling over their immaculately decorated home (with apparently altogether too many throw pillows for Arie's taste ☺︎ ), not to mention generally getting super jelly about their drop-dead-gorgeous engagement photos, heartwarming "Save the Dates," and the cutest couple photos EVER. We're pretty much convinced these two can't take a bad photo together. This is surely in no small part due to how loving and big-hearted Lauren is. Immediately upon communicating with her we were overwhelmed by how warm, friendly, and down to earth she is—even through email! We were so honored to have been able to be a part of her bachelorette party, and now we KNOW Arie's a very lucky guy to have scored such a kick-ass wife!

Lauren looked like an absolute goddess walking down the aisle in her custom-made "elegant and understated" gown by designer Hayley Paige! Check out their incredible wedding photos to see how dreamy and magical everything was ☺︎ Little Baby Girl Luyendyk (who you can follow along with 124,000 others on her adorable Instagram Page) was also in attendance at Lauren and Arie's joint bachelor and bachelorette party in Las Vegas! 

We interviewed Lauren's sister and Maid of Honor, Heather Burnham (26), for all the details, and you better believe we made her dish about how she planned this very special preggo-friendly party in Sin City! 


Lauren is such a warmhearted, hard-working and fun-loving sister, and I was so excited to plan her Bachelorette party!  

She had no restrictions whatsoever (because she's cool), but she did request some personalized gifts for the girls, matching outfits, and... of course ... penis stuff. (lol)

I didn't really choose a "theme," but Lauren loves everything girly and glittery, so the decorations and accessories just chose themselves once I decided on going with rose gold and glitter EVERYWHERE. Lauren has a lot of friends (she's so darn lovable!) and so we ended up with quite a big group — 20 of us in total! It was honestly a miracle that there was no drama at all. I was a bit worried about having such a large group of ladies (many of whom I'd never met before), but everyone was laid back and we had an awesome time. Overall, everyone was just excited for Lauren. There was a lot of dressing up, dancing, eating, and drinking. TONS of food and alcohol (and, of course, mocktails for the pregnant girls).

Adorable overview video of Arie and Lauren's joint Bachelor(ette) party in Las Vegas by  People Magazine


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
When: 2.5 days in November
Theme: Rose gold and glitter
Who: 16 ladies (not to mention Arie's crew of gentlemen!) 



Heather's rating: ★★ (100% perfect!)

Vegas is smack-dab in the middle of Nevada’s Mojave Desert, boasting tons of attractions, most obviously its 24-hour casinos and legendary nightlife. Plus, you can drink on the strip, which means you never have to lose your buzz getting from A to B. In the wintertime, most of the pools will be closed, but you can still have access to jacuzzis and saunas at most hotels by getting a day pass (even if you aren't staying there!). With tons of great shows, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, museums, shopping, and more, if there's anything you want, you can find it in lit up in neon in Vegas. Including a two-story Taco Bell. With a bar. Yeah. That's a thing. 

We weren't quite sure how the weather was going to be in November, but it turned out to be a great time of year to go to Vegas! It was beautiful during the day, and cozy sweater weather at night. There were a lot of people there, but we never really waited for anything, so it wasn't overcrowded.


The Palazzo Hotel and casino
Heather's rating: ★★★★★ (100% perfect!) 

Room details: Luxury Suites
Cost per night: $200-300 on average 
Perks/bonuses: I wouldn’t consider this the norm, but Lauren's suite was all decked out with balloons before we arrived (with even more balloons). There was a beautiful cake and cupcakes made by the Cake Boss. They also set up most of our events throughout the weekend, and they gave pretty much every guest her own suite! (So cool!)Lauren burnham's las vegas bachelorette party hotel room with cake boss cake

Lauren's suite all decked out with decorations with a cake from the Cake boss!

Lauren's Instagram tour of the suite!


DAY 1: THURSDAY ► Arrival day!

Outfits: Travel outfits and then dressy dresses

All of us flew in to Vegas together (the guys and the ladies) and traveled to the Palazzo together. Then we went our separate ways. We decorated the hotel room for Lauren and got settled into our rooms, and then we headed out for Italian food in the hotel at Buddy V's, followed by cocktails at The Dorsey.

▸ Morning: Traveling to our destination
▸ Afternoon: Arriving at the hotel
▸ Evening: Dinner at Buddy V's, followed by cocktails at The Dorsey

✔︎ Worth it: The atmosphere at both locations is worth checking out. 
✘ Not worth it: Hard to say. Everything was great!

Lauren her crew traveling in style (shop their cute dad hats here!)

Arie and his friends saying "cheers" to the single life!

DAY 2: FRIDAY ► Gondolas, Guys and Gloves

Outfits: For our daytime look, we all wore our comfy "Life of the Party" and "Wife of the Party" tees from with some cute jeans on the bottom. For our nighttime look, we all wore black dresses, and Lauren wore a white dress and veil. 

This day was pretty full! The guys and the girls met up as a group to have lunch and milkshakes at Black Tap, went to "chill" at the Minus 5 Ice Bar, and then we got in our gondolas and romantically cruised down the "Canals in Venice," serenaded with Italian love songs. After that, we changed clothes and had a fantastic Latin American dinner, followed by a party bus to Thunder Down Under. And then it was off to dance the night away at the Jewel Nightclub at the Aria. 

One of the funniest stories we heard the whole trip was from Lauren's Friend and Makeup Artist, Sarah Stidham: "We were out dancing just the girls and was late.  3 of us girl are pregnant Lauren obviously and then our girlfriend Kayla Evangelista and me. We all are due within a couple weeks of each other.  It was probably like 12 or 1am and we were so hungry haha so we left the club took our heels off and went searching for food! We found a close little Thai restaurant open and chowed. Three pregnant girls couldn’t hang at the club and had to eat!" 😂 

▸ Morning: Slept in (it's Vegas!)
▸ Afternoon: Lunch with Arie and the boyz at Black Tap, cocktails at Minus 5 Ice Bar, and of course, romantic gondola rides.
▸ Evening: Dinner at Chica, Thunder Down Under, Dancing at Jewel Nightclub.

✔︎ Worth it: The gondola rides were SO cute. They serenaded us with romantic Italian songs. All the food was fantastic. Thunder Down Under was hilarious (and sexy), and I'd probably return at least once a week if I lived in Vegas. Minus Five was cool and a great photo opportunity. But also very cold, obviously. We didn't last too long.
✘ Not worth it: Nothing! Everything was great!

Arie and Lauren enjoying a milkshake at Black Tap

Lauren's and her bride squad on their way through the hotel (in our shirts! oh-em-gee!)

Lauren and all the ladies "chillin' at Minus 5 Ice Bar

Lauren and her friend Morgan Speight, who shared a cute story of how the two first met: "I met Lauren through my fiancé. Their parents are neighbors in Virginia Beach! I just remember her being over my fiancé’s parents house and him being like “oh Morgan, this is Lauren, my neighbor!” And I swear she did a slow motion, hair flip turn and I thought OH GREAT. Your neighbor is a model! Lauren and I ended up hanging out that night and really clicked! That was about 6 years ago and we’ve been good friends ever since!"

So much love with these two! 

That's Amore!

Lauren and the girls at the Chandelier bar

Back to where it all began! All the ladies from Season 22 of the Bachelor

The bride squad at Jewel Nightclub

With the hunks at Thunder Down Under!

DAY 3: SATURDAY ► Twinkles and TAO!

Outfits: Sparkles on sparkles! All sequin and twinkly errrthang! Lauren wore a slinky and sassy silver sequin dress and a black and rose gold "bride to be" sash from

We spent the standard 36.5 hours getting ready and then hit the town for our last big night in Vegas! Overall, seeing Lauren so happy and loved was awesome! As friend and makeup artist Sarah Stidham said, "I may be hormonal, but when we walked into TAO, they had big signs for Lauren and she teared up. Just happy tears, but that made me tear up too! Hahaha so funny, there was definitely crying in da club."

▸ Morning: Mornings don't exist in Vegas. Let's be honest.
▸ Afternoon: Lunch at Lagasse's Stadium
▸ Evening: Dinner and dancing at TAO nightclub

✔︎ Worth it: The food and drinks at TAO were incredible. The night club was amazing and gave us a super warm welcome for Lauren when we walked in. The cuteness overload brought her to tears. They even gave us our own box and bartender.
✘ Not worth it: Nothing!

Arie and Lauren and the whole crew at Lagasse's Stadium

Lauren burnham luyendyk's bachelorette party squad in vegas with tee shirts

The girl squad! (psst ... you can shop their cute tees here!)

All the ladies walking through the hotel to dinner at Tao

Dinner and nightlife at TAO

Lauren being showered with adoration at TAO nightclub (how cute is she?!)


Lauren and Arie are super warm friendly people, so it only makes sense that their squad would roll deep! Here's a little more about the ladies who attended on Lauren's side. You'll probably notice that several of them were on The Bachelor with her!

Arie and Lauren had quite the crew in tow! <3

Heather Burnham | Sister and Maid of Honor! | @heathernugget
Sarah Stidham | Friend and Makeup Artist | @sarahstidhambeauty
Seinne Fleming | Friend from Season 22, Real Estate Manager | @seinnefleming
Jenna Cooper | Friend from Season 22, Social Media Manager | @jennacooperfit
Maquel Cooper | Friend from Season 22, Photographer | @maquelx
Lauren Schleyer | Friend from Season 22, Social Media Manager | @laurenschleyer
Jenny Delaney | Friend from Season 22, Graphic Designer | @jennydelaneyyy
Marikh Mathias | Friend from Season 22, Restaurant Owner | @maroosworld
Christie Hill | Friend from ODU | @_christiehill
Morgan Speight | Friend from Virginia Beach, Structural Engineer | @morgansp8
Rachael Wolfner | Wife of John Wolfner (who was on Arie’s season of The Bachelorette) | @rachaelwolfner
Andrea Lynn Hanson | Friend Lauren met when she was living in Dallas | @andrealynnhanson 
Liz Martin | wife of Arie’s best man, Dustin Martin | @liz_k_fisch
Kristina Owen | Friend to Arie and Lauren from Arizona | @mskristinamarie
Kimberly Bogle | Friend and girlfriend of Arie's racing buddy Matt Brabham | @kimberlybogle



  • Get a party bus. (Does not have to be booked ahead of time, either.)
  • Use Excel to make a spreadsheet.
  • Create a shared album/mass group text for photos through out the trip where everyone can contribute.
  • Have fun, and go with the flow!


  • Expect everyone to be on time for anything when dealing with a group of 20 girls.
  • Try to go on the stage at Thunder Down Under, unless they request you. It will only end in disappointment.
  • Stick to a set schedule too adamantly. Plans may change, but it will still be awesome.
  • Not have fun or go with the flow


    Lauren and Maquel 

    The fun decorations in the room! The oversized balloons really set the stage!

    We love this one of Heather ... Being a Maid of Honor is hard work! 


    Champagne Bottle Balloons | $8.95 / pack
    Diamond Ring Party Balloons | $4.99 / each
    Bride To Be Rose Gold Balloon Banners | $16.99 / each
    Wife of the Party / Life of the Party Tees | $25.99 each
    Bachelorette dad hats: Various phrases | $18.99 each
    Rose Gold "Bride to be" sash with pink champagne pin | $16.99 each
    Vegas Vibes Slap Koozies | $6.99 each
    Bride veil | $12.99 each
    Rose Gold Hangover Kit Bags | $2.49 each
    ▹ Motrin packets Amazon | $.16 each (you have to buy 100 packets)
     Fun Bandaids Amazon | 1.09 each
     Sunglasses | $3.19 each
     Rose Gold Flash Tattoos | $1.49 each
    ▹ Penis Straws | $8.99 / 10 pack

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