Mermaids in Mexico! Bach party recap!

how to plan a mermaid bachelorette party


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If you’ve followed me on instagram for a while now, you may remember last summer when I went on an amazing mermaid bachelorette party for my cousin Caley in Mexico. We continued the theme with a mermaid-inspired lingerie party back home a few months later, and all of the decor/photos turned out SO cute, I simply had to share it with y’all on the blog, but I decided to wait until this summer since it was fall by the time we finished the festivities last year. My pregnancy brain almost let me forget about these photos, but thankfully, I was recently reminded of them, so I’m FINALLY going to share Caley’s mermaid-inspired bachelorette here on the blog!

Click through to become part of that mer-world and see photos from both the mermaid-inspired bachelorette and lingerie party. PS – if you’re looking for more bachelorette inspo, don’t miss my Disney World bachelorette party here.


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mermaid bachelorette partymermaid bachelorette partymermaid bachelorette partymermaid bachelorette partymermaid bachelorette party

With her gorgeous red hair (see above photo comparisons of Caley and Ariel’s famous hair flip) and also having grown up as a Disney lover (all four of us were raised more like sisters than cousins!!), a mermaid-themed bachelorette party was the perfect way to celebrate our bride!!  From the decor to the adorable tanks, we had so much fun helping Caley plan the perfect mermaid-inspired bachelorette party and lingerie party. The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “where did we get those adorable “I washed up like this” mermaid tanks from?!” Let me introduce you to your new go-to for ALL bachelorette tanks and accessories…Bachette. From beach bachelorettes and Disney bachelorettes to bachelorettes planned for some of the most popular destinations…Las Vegas, New Orleans and Nashville, this brand has adorable tanks and accessories for every theme you can imagine. Not only does the brand carry tanks based on location, they also offer up tanks and accessories based on specific themes, like mermaids, 90’s babyflamingos, Cinderella, fiesta-themed and more!! What I especially love is that every tank theme has specific tanks for the bride (which are usually white!) so she’ll stand out from her bachelorette crew! The site may even give you a good idea for a bachelorette theme if you haven’t though of one yet! Click here to see and shop all of Bachette’s bachelorette tanks and accessories + check out some of my fave themed tanks below.



When it came to decorating for the mermaid -inspired bachelorette party, I was so surprised at how easy it was to find mermaid-themed decorations. We used the colors in the Bachette tanks, purple and mint green, as a basis for the color scheme, with aqua blue and light pink added. We even used the saying from the koozies we got from Bachette Trading Caley’s Tail for a Veil” to put together a fun sign for the lingerie/bachelorette shower. At the lingerie shower, all of the hostesses got really creative and found some fun mermaid-inspired food to make and even set up a  little photo booth area so all the gals could take lots of photos. I even found Disney Princess-inspired lingerie (see above flatlay photo) to give the bride-to-be.  I linked up most of the decor we used at the top and bottom of this post.

PS – for the neon pineapples, we just bought a few pineapples, some acrylic paint and brushes and it made for a fun and easy DIY decoration!

Stay tuned for more party-inspiration here on the blog!

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