The Top 5 Summer Bachelorette Party Themes

Are you planning a bachelorette party this summer?
Need any help with themes? We can help! Here's a list
(in no particular order) of the top 5 summer bachelorette party themes.

     Cactus and fiesta themes are everywhere this summer! How cute are these invitations?
fiesta cactus invites
And that's just the beginning! Check out LuLaFlora's adorable cactus pinatas:
cactus pinatas
Or you could go more traditional - like this pinata from CutePinataCreations:
donkey pinata
Everyone at the party can enjoy a fun game...
fiesta game card
let's get smashed tanks
    Being near the water - even if it's a pool - can turn any bridesmaid into a mermaid. There are so many ways how! You can get these sweet pool floats for your girls...
mermaid pool float
And even get them temporary tattoos like these!
mermaid temporary tattoos
Dress your girls in mermaid-themed tank tops.
I washed Up Like This
And keep their hair out of the way with mermaid-themed hair ties!
mermaid hair ties
Don't forget your koozies!
mermaid koozy
    Rose gold looks fabulous with everything, and it definitely adds a classy touch to any party.
You can get rose gold wine glasses (complete with lids!)...
rose gold wine glasses
And everyone can eat off rose gold plates...
rose gold plates
You can shower the bride-to-be in rose gold confetti!
rose gold confetti
And the whole party can wear rose gold temporary tattoos:
Rose Gold Tattoos
Who can say when an era is trendy or not - but the 90’s are back, and in a big way! Blast No Doubt from the boom box, dress up like the Spice Girls, and set up your photo booth!
photo booth backdrop
To be even more 90's, record everything on a Polaroid camera:
Polaroid Camera
Don't forget to have everyone wear choker necklaces...
choker necklace
 butterfly hair clips
    It's an old standby, and maybe not the most imaginative... but it's hard to go wrong with a beach party! You can give all your guests drink floaties:
drink floaties
Mermaids aren't the only ones who need hair ties...
beach hair ties
Decorate your party with cute beach balloons:
beach balloons
And make sure everyone has a fun tank top to cover up in.
aloha beaches
Time to get to planning! What's your favorite party theme? Tell us in the comments!

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